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"Our mission is to educate young children in a safe, fun and encouraging environment." - And this will never change.

As many people will have heard now, we will be changing our school name next year. In 2020 we will be known as: 

‘ Momentum Performing Arts Academy ’ 

Making this change has not been an easy or quick decision for us but as we start to head in our own direction we feel this is the best time to make the change. 

We are incredibly grateful for the foundation that has been laid the last 2 years, especially the support and step up we were given into this industry.


In 2020 we will continue to aim to offer the highest standard of dance under the continued direction of Miss Laura and her amazing staff team! We will continue to provide the same fun, safe and encouraging environment we already do. Class structure and plans will still remain the same, we will still be offering Performances, Competitions and RAD Ballet exams. As well as starting to offer IDT Jazz and Acrobatics exams, and 3 more NEW genres! If you have any queries please contact us! We are so excited to see everyone join us on this new journey in 2020!



13 Fifty Road Baldivis WA Australia 6171



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